B Block Roof Access

Summerhall allow Hacklab Members to access the B Block Roof when required for Hacklab projects. Access is made from the top floor attic hatch outside ToneGarden which gains access to the air handling and lift plant.

The procedure for notifying Summerhall of access must always be followed and the Roof Access Risk Assessment must be fully understood and followed wto ensure the safety of those accessing the roof and the public. No lone working is allowed.

The access procedure was agreed with Summerhall on 28th May 2018 and the risk assessment shared on 11th June 2019.

Procedure for Accessing the B Block External Roof

Summerhall must be contacted before any Hacklab activity is carried out on the roof (not including the plant room). This is to avoid causing alarm to security personnel.

Weekdays before 18:00: email the list of contacts below, before going onto the roof.

At other times: email the list of contacts below, and also speak to the reception desk or contact the duty manager or security by radio.

info@summerhall.co.uk, dm@summerhall.co.uk, Virginia@summerhall.co.uk, info@edinburghhacklab.com