• Members should only offer people an application form (unless they ask for one) if they intend to sponsor that application
  • Members should emphasise to prospective members the need to get to know enough people at open nights so that they will have at least three sponsors


  • New members must fill out an application form and give it to the membership secretary (via the mail tray)
  • The blurb from the form will be submitted to the members mailing list, asking for sponsors
  • Three sponsors are required to approve the applicant
  • New members will be announced on the members mailing list after their membership term is started
    • The announcement will include links to the new member guide and other areas of interest/current information


  • Unapproved application forms with no activity will be discarded after 3 months
  • Approved applications will have 3 months to make their initial payment or their application will be discarded


Joining fee

  • There is currently no joining fee

Subscription fees (per month)

  • Regular: £25
  • Discounted: £15
  • Remote: £10

Discounted and remote membership rates are at the discretion of the board of directors


  • If a member’s monthly membership subscription remains outstanding for more than 3 months, their current membership term will be ended


  • Access to the lab 24/7 (one free NFC token from the shop allowed)
  • 35L box to store stuff in within the store room (not included with the remote membership rate)
  • Summerhall fob (on request)
  • Summerhall resident card (on request)


  • Members may resign in writing or by email, ending their current membership term at the end of their current payment period
  • Members box and other property stored at the lab should be removed
  • Summerhall access tokens and resident cards should be returned


  • Members must provide their full name and address
  • Members are responsible for ensuring their contact details are kept up to date (using the user admin website)

Suspension and Expulsion

  • The board of directors may suspend any member if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the board
  • Members may be expelled by way of a resolution at a general meeting